The Research Institute puts in place the world’s best corporate governance practices consistently and regularly with the highest regard for their impact on sustainable development and steady growth of the Institute’s value. The commitment of the Board of Directors to impartiality and independence are the underlying principles that guide the performance of the Institute to boost the effectiveness of its governance.


Tuzov Alexander

Vorobey Andrey
Chief Engineer

Knyazkin Igor
Deputy Director for Economic and Financial Activities

Izhutov Alexey
Deputy Director, Science&Research

Zvir Alexander
Director for Production

Shikunov Andrey
Deputy Director for Development & International Activities

Bakunkin Mikhail
Deputy Director for Security

Parfenov Valery
Deputy Director for General Issues

Kiverov Sergey
Deputy Director for Facilities under Construction-Head of the Directorate for the Construction of Facilities of the INR MBIR and PRK

Mochalov Anatoly
Head of Department for Internal Control and Audit

Volkova Anna
Head of PR Department, Press Secretary

Heads of Research and Production Facilities

Petelin Alexey
Head of Research Reactors Complex

Zvir Elena
Head of Reactor Materials Testing Complex

Andreyev Oleg
Head of Department for Radioactive Sources and Radiochemicals

Abramov Sergey
Head of Radiochemical Technology Department

Alexander SVYATKIN
Head of Fuel Technologies Division

Marinina Marina
Head of Procurement Management Department

Chief Accountant