RIAR JSC confirmed its status of the State Scientific Center

RIAR JSC (ROSATOM Scientific Division) confirmed its status of the State Scientific Center as reported in the relevant Order of the Government of the Russian Federation. The status is assigned to a scientific organization that has unique experimental equipment, highly qualified scientists, performs a wide range of research projects, including those that have received international recognition.


“Another confirmation of the status of the State Scientific Center means that RIAR is recognized as the main scientific and experimental base of the Russian Federation to develop nuclear-power engineering, produce radionuclide sources and preparations for nuclear medicine and industry, and to carry out fundamental scientific research”, said Alexey Izhutov, Deputy Director for Science and Research.

Currently, about 3.2 thousand specialists of various areas of expertise work at RIAR. About 300 employees have the status of scientists, including 72 PhDs and 9 Professors. The Institute is also recognized as the International Center based on Research Reactors (ICERR) under the auspices of the IAEA. RIAR is the base organization of the CIS member states for the information exchange on ensuring safety of nuclear research installations.

RIAR JSC is implementing a number of projects important for the development of Russia’s nuclear industry within the framework of the Comprehensive Federal Program "Development of equipment, technologies and scientific research in the field of the use of atomic energy in the Russian Federation up to 2024 and for the period through 2030".

Russia operates 44 state scientific centers, of which activities are annually evaluated by the expert community at the highest level. Every other year, the RF Government takes a decision to retain this status based on the activity analysis.


For information:

RIAR JSC (Research Institute of Nuclear Reactors, State Scientific Centre, ROSATOM Scientific Division) is the largest research center in Russia and in the world. RIAR provides R&D-intensive hi-tech services for a wide range of reactor and post-irradiation experiments. RIAR has the unique experimental base to face the challenges of reactor materials science and closed nuclear fuel cycle. RIAR is a leading producer and supplier of a wide range of radioisotopes for medical, industrial and other purposes.