High-Flux Reactor SM

SM is a high-flux water-cooled vessel-type research reactor with a neutron trap that operates in the intermediate neutron spectrum. The core with dimensions of 420x420x350 mm has a central neutron trap and beryllium metal reflector 500 mm in height arranged in a steel vessel 1.46 m in diameter and 7.33 m in height. The core comprises 28 fuel assemblies. The core has a high concentration of U-235 and a rather low concentration of moderator nuclei (light water). The thermal neutron flux density in vertical experimental channels makes up (7.1x1013 – 5.0x1015) cm-2s-1 at a power of 100 MW. There are 30 channels 68 mm in diameter in the beryllium reflector, 27 channels 12 mm in diameter in the central moderating area and 24 channels 12 mm in diameter in fuel assemblies. The reactor was commissioned in 1961.